You asked: What does the name Dacia mean?

The name Dacia is primarily a female name of Latin origin that means From The City Of Dacia. near Rome.

Whats the meaning of Dacia?

Dacia in British English

(ˈdeɪsɪə ) noun. an ancient region bounded by the Carpathians, the Tisza, and the Danube, roughly corresponding to modern Romania. United under kings from about 60 bc, it later contained the Roman province of the same name (about 105 to 270 ad) Derived forms.

What origin is the name Dacia?

Dacia is typically a name given to girls and is of Latin origin. The meaning of Dacia is ‘from the city of Dacia’, a region in the Roman Empire which is now part of modern day Romania and Moldova.

Is Dacia a male or female name?

as a girls’ name is pronounced DAY-sha. It is of Latin origin. Place name: Dacia was a Roman province which was where Romania is now.

Is Dacia a female name?

as a name for girls. The name Darcia means “dark”. Darcia is an alternate form of Darcie (Irish, Gaelic): also a Norman place name.

What is Dacia called today?

Dacia, in antiquity, an area of central Europe bounded by the Carpathian Mountains and covering much of the historical region of Transylvania (modern north-central and western Romania).

Is Dacia French?

Automobile Dacia S.A. listen)), commonly known as Dacia, is a Romanian car manufacturer that takes its name from the historic region that constitutes the present-day Romania. The company was established in 1966.

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