You asked: What does the name Cathy mean?

In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Cathy is: Pure, clear. Form of the Latin ‘Katharina’, from the Greek ‘Aikaterina’. It was borne by a number of saints, including St Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th century martyr who suffered torture on a spiked wheel.

What is the biblical meaning of the name Cathy?

What is the meaning of Cathy ? Cathy is baby unisex name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Greek. Cathy name meanings is Pure.

What nationality is the name Cathy?

The name Cathy is primarily a female name of Greek origin that means Diminutive Form Of Catherine.

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Kathy?

Details Meaning: Short form of Catherine, which is from the Greek katharos, meaning “pure”. Gender: Girl.

What is Cathy in Irish?

Cathy in Irish is Caitrín.

What does the phrase Chatty Cathy mean?

The term “Chatty Cathy” can be used to refer to a particularly talkative person.

Is it Cathy or Kathy?

Katherine, also spelled Catherine, and other variations are feminine names.


Gender Female
Word/name Greek
Other names
Nickname(s) Kate, Kath, Cat, Catt, Cate, Catey, Cath, Catie, Cayte, Kathy, Kathie, Kathi, Katie, Katey, Katy, Kay, Kat, Katya, Katyusha, Kati, Kit, Kitty, Kasia, Cathy, Cathie
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Is Cathy a Scottish name?

The many Irish surnames in use today have long rich histories behind them. The name Cathy originally appeared in Gaelic as Mac Carthaigh, which is derived from the word “carthach,” which means “loving.” … with the epithets of royal and Roman attached to his name.

Is Kathy a boys name?

The name Kathy is primarily a female name of English origin that means Pure.

What is the personality of the name Kathy?

Kathy is a name that infers you are compromising, passive, and more likely to follow than to lead type of person. You prefer to be in the background rather than up front and center. You are sensitive, tactful, diplomatic, and a team player. You can easily understand the emotions and thoughts of other people.

What does Karen mean?

Karen originated as a Danish name, arising from the Greek word Aikaterine, which is believed to mean “pure.” Kaja and Katherine are both related Danish names. In French, the name can also mean “clear,” though it retains the meaning of “pure” across most other backgrounds. … Gender: Karen is usually a girl’s name.

Is Cathy short for Catherine?

Cathy is a feminine given name. It is a pet form of Catherine or Cathleen.

Where does Cathy Davey live?

Since 2009, Davey has been in a relationship with Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy. The couple live in Kildare.