What name means night rain?

Amaya – This Basque name means “night rain.”

What name means night?

1) Ajambo (Luo): This African name means “born at night”. 2) Amaya (Japanese): This name of Japanese origin means “night rain”. 3) Ankareeda (Indian): A lovely name meaning “night star”. 4) Anniki (Finnish): The name of the goddess of night in Finnish mythology.

What names means rain?

Reva. A unique name, Reva, is a girl’s name of Hindi origin, which means ‘rain’.

What name means dark night?

Nisha. This name comes from the Indian origin and means dark or night. It is one of the unique names that mean darkness.

What Japanese name means night?

The Japanese have a naming tradition where names such as Miyabi and Miyu are popular, as the common elements Yu and Ya mean “evening” and “night” respectively. Tinuviel was invented by the Lord of the Rings author J.R.R Tolkein and means “daughter of the twilight”.

What name means moonlight?

With a beautiful Hebrew and Turkish origin, the name Ayla has a meaning “Halo” or “Moonlight”.

What name means starlight?

74. Starla (American origin), meaning ‘a star’. 75. Starlight (English origin), meaning ‘star light’.

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What name means light rain?

Indra is the God of sky and rain. 69. Reeham (Arabic Origin) means “light rain”. This Arabic name is intended for a girl but could be used as a boys’ name as well.

What girl name means Storm?

Audra. The Lithuanian name Audra means storm.

What name means rain in Spanish?

The name Lluvia is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Rain.

What name means Grim Reaper?

San La Muerte (Latin origin) Latin for grim reaper, the name means “saint death” described as a skeletal male with a scythe.

What name means nightingale?

Tinuviel (F) (Sindarin Origin) meaning ‘nightingale’.

What name means night monster?

1. Lilith. In Hebrew, Lilith means “night monster,” “ghost,” or “storm goddess,” depending on the translation.

What names mean shadow?

Here are a few shadow girl names you might find appealing!

  • Chhaya. The name ‘Chhaya’ has an Indian origin, and its meaning is ‘Shade’ or ‘shadow’. …
  • Erembour. This name has an English origin, and in mythology, the name belonged to a character who rides shadows. …
  • Hamutal. …
  • Melany. …
  • Mohanjot. …
  • Ombretta. …
  • Pangari. …
  • Saiya.

What name means dark beauty?

Layla/Leila (F) (Arabic origin) meaning “dark beauty”; this is one of the names that mean night too.

What name means Evening Star?

Vesper, Latin for “evening star,” is a Nameberry favorite.