What does the name Declan mean biblically?

A traditional Irish name meaning “man of prayer” or “full of goodness.” St. Declan founded a monastery in Ireland, and St. Declan’s Stone has purportedly been the site of many miracles.

What does the name Declan mean in Hebrew?

3. Declan is Irish Boy name and meaning of this name is “Man of Prayer”.

What does the name Declan means?

Declan is a boy name of Irish origin, and an anglicized form of the Gaelic name “Deaglán,” which comprises two elements. … Therefore, the name Declan also means “man of prayer.” Origin: Declan is an Irish name meaning “full of goodness” or “man of prayer.” Gender: Declan is mostly used as a boy name.

Is Declan a good name?

Declan, the amiable and appealing name of an Irish saint (and the real first name of singer Elvis Costello), is very popular in the Emerald Isle and beginning its certain climb to popularity here, after debuting on the American list in 1998. Like Aidan and Liam, Declan is shaping up to be an American hit.

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What name means God sees?

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Hazaiah is: God sees.

How many Declans are there in the world?

How common is the name Declan for a baby born in 2020? Declan was the 102nd most popular boys name and 4311th most popular girls name. In 2020 there were 3,576 baby boys and only 31 baby girls named Declan. 1 out of every 512 baby boys and 1 out of every 56,485 baby girls born in 2020 are named Declan.

How is the name Declan pronounced?

Pronounce Names

Pronunciation: DECK-lan Deck as in ‘deck the halls’
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Type of Name: First Name
Gender: Male
Origin: Irish

Is Declan a gender neutral name?

The name Declan is primarily a male name of Irish origin that means Full Of Goodness. Common nicknames for the name Declan include Dec and Dee. From the Gaelic name, Deaglán. Famous people with the name Declan tend to be of Irish descent.

Is Declan a girl or boy name?

Declan Origin and Meaning

The name Declan is a girl’s name meaning “man of prayer”. The increasingly popular Irish boys’ name Declan is crossing into the girls’ column now as well, used for over 50 baby girls in the US last year.

What does Kai mean?

The name Kai is a boy’s name of Hawaiian origin meaning “sea”. Kai has many origins and meanings. … Kai is also found as an independent name in African, Chinese, Turkish and Native American cultures. Kai is a strong, evocative multi-cultural name that packs a lot of power in its single syllable.

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What show is the name Declan from?

Revenge (TV Series 2011–2015) – Connor Paolo as Declan Porter – IMDb.

What does the name Ronan mean?

Rónán (anglicized Ronan) is an Irish language male given name meaning “little seal” (Rón meaning the animal “seal”, and -án being a diminutive suffix) and was the given name of twelve saints throughout history, including St Ronan of Locronan (a monk who settled in armorican Brittany), St Ronan of Iveagh, St Ronan of …

What name means Child of God in Hebrew?

Baby Girl Name: Bithiah. Meaning: Daughter of God. Origin: Hebrew.

What name means God restores?


A Hebrew name, Raphael means God has healed.

What name means right hand of God?

The right hand of God (Dextera Domini “right hand of the Lord” in Latin) or God’s right hand may refer to the Bible and common speech as a metaphor for the omnipotence of God and as a motif in art. In the Bible, to be at the right side “is to be identified as being in the special place of honor”.