Who starred in What Dreams May Come?

Is what dreams may come based on a true story?

What Dreams May Come is a 1978 novel by Richard Matheson. … In an introductory note, Matheson explains that the characters are the only fictional component of the novel. Almost everything else is based on research, and the end of the novel includes a lengthy bibliography.

Where was what dreams may come filmed?

What Dreams May Come was filmed in Venezuela, the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana, Glacier National Park, Niagara Falls, Treasure Island, San Francisco and San Jose California, and San Rafael and Oakland, California for the church scenes.

What is the meaning of what dreams may come?

‘What dreams may come’ is an apt title for a film or novel dealing with life after death as it comes from Shakespeare’s most famous soliloquy, ‘To be or not to be,’ from his most famous play, Hamlet, in which Hamlet considers life and death, and mulls over what putting an end to it all would mean.

Is what dreams may come a good movie?

And it contains heartbreakingly effective performances by Robin Williams and Annabella Sciorra. The movie is so good it shows us how it could have been better: It seems headed for a great leap, we can sense it coming, and then it settles.

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Who is Robin Williams wife?

Of the many beloved titles in Robin Williams’ filmography, What Dreams May Come is rarely praised. Of his films, it’s one of the most divisive, and one of the most frequently ignored. It only has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 54 percent, after all. But it’s also one of the ones I’ve seen the most.

What was Robin Williams last movie?

Plot. While vacationing in Switzerland, pediatrician Chris Nielsen (Robin Williams) meets artist Annie Collins (Annabella Sciorra). They marry and have two children, Ian (Josh Paddock) and Marie (Jessica Brooks Grant). Their idyllic life ends when the children die in a car crash.

Who is the first person Chris Nielsen meets after his accident?

Doctor Chris Nielsen meets his true soul mate Annie, marries her and has two children. The children die in a car accident, and Chris dies four years after that. Ending up in heaven, he is guided by friendly guardian angel Albert through the afterlife, and he is reunited with his dog and children.

Who wrote the movie What Dreams May Come?

What Dreams May Come (1998) – Rosalind Chao as Leona – IMDb.

How much did what dreams may come gross?

”What Dreams May Come” is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). It deals with an uncomfortable subject (death) and has scary images of hell. … This film is rated PG-13. WITH: Robin Williams (Chris Nielsen), Cuba Gooding Jr.