What would Matilda dream of when she seated herself for dinner?

When Matilda seated herself for dinner, she dreamt of the finest delicacies being served in beautiful crockery accompanied with silver utensils. She dreamt of things that she knew her husband, an economical clerk, would never be able to afford.

What did Matilda dream of?

What would Matilda often dream of? Answer: Matilda would often dream of all the delicacies, luxuries, elegant dinners, marvelous dishes, rich silver, beautiful dresses, jewels, adoration and a life of glory. She would escape into her dreams from the dullness of her very humble existence.

What happened at the ball was Matilda’s Dream Fulfilled long answer?

At the ball in the Minister’s house Matilda was a huge success. Everyman wanted to be introduced to her. Yes, her dream was fullfield. But she lost her necklace that was given by her friend.

Why did Matilda throw away the letter?

Why did Matilda throw the invitation spitefully? Answer: Matilda was simply displeased when her husband showed the invitation. She felt humiliated and threw the invitation spitefully as she had nothing beautiful enough to wear to such a grand gathering.

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Why did her husband turn pale?

Answer: because the price of the dress was expensive and the wife wanted it but the husband was nervous because of the price of the dress therefore he turned pale.

What did Maria dream of?

Maria wished to become the number one tennis player in the world because it was her childhood dream. She worked very hard and made a lot of sacrifices to train herself for this feat. She strove for it competitively and considered it her job. 1.

Why was Matilda sad after the ball?

Answer: Matilda was sad after the ball because she had lost the diamond necklace she had borrowed from her friend. She was worried about returning it as she could not afford such an expensive jewelry.

What happened to the ball in the ball poem?

Answer: The boy has lost his ball while playing. The poet says that from this loss, the boy will learn in his years, what it means to lose something. Thus he will understand the nature of loss or how to face and cope up with losses one suffers in life.

How did Matilda enjoy herself at the ball?

Ans: Matilda enjoyed the party with great pleasure. She danced with enthusiasm and intoxicated, thinking of nothing but all that admiration.

Why did Matilda utter a cry?

She attracted the attention of many men who wanted to be introduced to her. Returning from the party, she wanted to have a final view of herself in her glory, in the mirror. Suddenly she uttered a cry as the necklace was not around her neck. Mr Loisel went out in the night in search of the lost necklace.

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Why did Mathilde not notice the loss of her necklace earlier?

Answer: Mathilde did not notice the loss of her necklace earlier because she was so engrossed in the ball party . she was happy that people were admiring her that she forgot to take care of the borrowed material.

How much was the necklace actually worth?

How much was the necklace actually worth Class 10? As Mme Forestier tells Matilda at the end of the story, the necklace was only worth 500 francs while she and her husband thought that it was a real one which was 40,000 Francs.

What kind of a lady is Mme Forestier?

Madame Forestier is a wealthy friend of the main character, Mathilde Loisel. In fact, being rich is Madame Forestier’s main character trait.

What was the actual worth of the necklace borrowed by Mathilde?

It took ten years for Mathilde and Loisel to repay the cost of the necklace. What was the actual cost of the necklace? Answer: The actual cost of the necklace was only five hundred francs.

How did Mme Forestier prove herself true friend of Matilda?

Forestier was a very loyal friend. when Matilda asked for a necklace she showed her so many jewels and did not think twice about it. … Thus, she proved to be a genuine friend.