What is strange or unusual about Santiago’s dream in the Alchemist?

What is strange about Santiago’s dream? He had the same dream repeatedly of a young child bringing he to Egypt to show him treasure, but he wakes up before the dream ends.

What was Santiago’s dream in The Alchemist?

In his dream, Santiago is in a field with his sheep when a child starts to play with them. The child grabs Santiago’s hands, transports him to the pyramids in Egypt, and tells him that he will find a treasure near them. As the child begins to say the exact location of treasure, Santiago wakes up.

What happens in Santiago’s recurring dream?

A recurring dream troubles Santiago, a young and adventurous Andalusian shepherd. He has the dream every time he sleeps under a sycamore tree that grows out of the ruins of a church. During the dream, a child tells him to seek treasure at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids.

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What does The Alchemist say about dreams?

There are two kinds of people in The Alchemist: those who follow their dreams and those who ignore them. The Alchemist shows that the universe helps everyone who has a dream. If the universe isn’t helping you, you’re not dreaming hard enough.

What did Santiago learn from his dream?

The alchemist replies that no heart suffers while it pursues its dreams, because to pursue a dream is to encounter God. The next morning, Santiago’s heart tells him that everyone who has God within him feels happy, and that everyone on earth has a treasure waiting for him.

What are Santiago’s 3 dreams?

Lesson Summary

Santiago, the old fisherman in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, ponders youth and old age during his three-day fishing journey. Santiago dreams of lions, which symbolize youth, strength, and virility.

Who did Santiago tell his dream to?

Santiago recounts his recurring dream to the old woman: He is in a field with his flock when visited by a child who transports him to the pyramids in Egypt; there, the child says, Santiago will find a hidden treasure. Each time Santiago is about to find out the specific location of the treasure, though, he wakes up.

What is Santiago’s dream Section 1?

Santiago imagines he could kill his sheep one by one, and each one would be none the wiser until he killed it. He feels troubled by his thought, and that night has the same troubling dream he had the year before. … The next day, Santiago’s father gave him three gold coins to purchase a flock of sheep.

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How does the gypsy interpret Santiago’s dream?

A gypsy woman whom Santiago meets at the beginning of the novel. She interprets his recurring dream about the Egyptian Pyramids as a sign that he should travel to that place and seek a great treasure. As payment, she makes Santiago promise her 1/10th of the total of his treasure.

Does Santiago find the treasure?

Santiago arrives at the church and falls asleep contemplating the strange way God has guided him to the treasure. He wakes up digging and laughing about how God left gold at the monastery through the alchemist to ease his journey back. … Soon Santiago finds a chest of gold coins and jewels.

Was The Alchemist a dream?

An allegorical novel, The Alchemist follows a young Andalusian shepherd in his journey to the pyramids of Egypt, after having a recurring dream of finding a treasure there.

Why is Santiago irritated by the answer the old woman gives him about his dreams?

Santiago is annoyed with the old man because he keeps asking Santiago questions, and he does not want to answer his questions. Santiago wants to think about what the gypsy said and about the merchant’s daughter.

How does Santiago change in The Alchemist?

As the story progresses and Santiago comes closer to the treasure, he becomes more focused on his growing understanding of the mystical force that imbues everything, called the Soul of the World.

What lessons did Santiago learn in the Alchemist?

Throughout the book, The Alchemist, You learn how to find your personal treasure and what it means to you. In the novel, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, Santiago learns, “Remember where your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” First, Santiago always wanted to travel, so he becomes a shepherd.

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What does Santiago learn at the end of the Alchemist?

“If I had told you, you wouldn’t have seen the Pyramids. They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” Santiago also learns that love is a far more important and beautiful treasure than any monetary and materialistic treasure could be. It’s why the book ends with him seeking out Fatima.

Why does the interpreter of dreams say she can only interpret some dreams?

7. Why does the interpreter of dreams say she can only interpret some dreams? The interpreter of dreams says God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. You just have to read the omens that he left you.