What does a dream job do in Tiny Tower?

Each bitizen has a dream job. Placing a bitizen in their dream job earns 2 tower bux, and doubles the restocking quantity of one item at their place of employment, without increasing the stocking time.

Do skills matter in Tiny Tower?

The higher the Bitizen’s skill at a certain business type, the greater the discount will be on the items stocked by a floor of that type (each skill point of the proper type increases the total discount for all items stocked on that floor by one percentage point).

What do the VIPs do in Tiny Tower?

VIPs are special event Bitizens that randomly appear in the tower’s lobby. They grant bonuses or cut construction time when sent to a floor of the player’s choice!

How do you make Bitizens happy?

Placing bitizens with appropriate skills and dream jobs helps you in the following ways: Placing a bitizen in his dream job: Placing on the same floor one, two or three bitizens with their dream jobs will give you double the stock when stocking the first, second and third item respectively.

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How long do VIPs stay in lobby Tiny Tower?

4 Answers. For the most part, they will wait there until you want to make use of them. However, if you tap on them to start the elevator, you will be forced to deliver them to some floor before you can take any other actions such as restocking or constructing a new floor.

What does a gold star mean in Tiny Tower?

The gold stars indicate a bitizen with a skill level 9 is in their dream job. The silver stars just indicate that there is a bitizen in their dream job with a skill level less than 9.

How do you do dream jobs on Tiny Tower?

How to increase your dream jobs on tiny tower

  1. Find a free apartment place.
  2. Move in a new bitizen.
  3. Go to bitizen list and check their dream job. In this case it’s Grocery Store.
  4. If you already have 3 job dreams, evict the one with the lowest experience. …
  5. Cya.
  6. Place the new bitizen and receive another 2 bux. 🙂

What is the max elevator speed in Tiny Tower?


Speed Cost ExpandCumulative Cost
7.00 FPS 4,557 Bux 43,234 Bux
7.25 FPS 4,900 Bux 48,134 Bux
7.50 FPS 5,257 Bux 53,391 Bux
7.75 FPS 5,625 Bux 59,016 Bux

What happens if you delete a floor in Tiny Tower?

When you delete a floor, be it a residential or commercial unit, the floor returns to empty status and is available for you to build something new.

How do I change my Bitizens dream job?

Like many other aspects of Tiny Tower, the Bitizen’s dream job is randomized. Dream Jobs can be changed using the Celebrity VIP as of 3.0. 0. Having bitizens in their dream jobs doubles the amount of stock you receive on each item per how many dream jobs you have in a specific job.

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How does rent work in Tiny Tower?

As of Version 3.0. 4, rent paid by each Bitizen is determined by their total skill levels and happiness, with each skill level point adding 60 coins to the rent amount if the Bitizen is happy, and 20 coins otherwise.

How do you change jobs in Tiny Tower?

There is no ability to swap jobs directly between bitizens but it is possible to take one bitizen and reassign it to another job (and paying the salary, of course). To swap bitizen A who has job X with bitizen B who has job Y: Move bitizen A from job X to job Z.

How many floors can you have in Tiny Tower?

I suspect that there is a maximum of 152 floors in Tiny Tower. This is because there are (as of v1. 5) 57 different residential floors + 95 commercial floors. Every time I build a new floor, I get a residential or commercial floor that I don’t already have.

How do you get VIP on Tiny Tower?

Chances are you’ll have a floor under construction 90% of the time, or a good that takes 1h+ to stock. If you want to maximize these VIPs, save them if you can build a floor in the next ten minutes, or potentially use a Tower Bux to sell out a good that’s nearly sold out and takes less than 3 hours to stock.

How do you get gold bucks in Tiny Tower?

Obtaining Gold Tickets

Gold tickets can only be earned by rebuilding your tower. When you rebuild, you will receive 1 gold ticket for each 50 floors you have (i.e. 50 floors = 1 ticket, 100 floors = 2 tickets, etc). Since version 3.0. 3, tickets can be obtained by entering the hourly raffle in the menu.

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