Question: What is Walter’s dream for the future is it realistic?

What is Walter’s dream for the future? Is it realistic? Walter dreams that he’s gonna be rich and live in a huge house with a gardener. He dreams that when he comes home, Ruth is going to be waiting for him and give him kiss.

What is Walter’s dream?

Walter dreams of becoming wealthy and providing for his family as the rich people he drives around do. He often frames this dream in terms of his family—he wants to give them what he has never had.

What kind of future does Walter imagine?

That he envisions having a gardener makes it seem that Walter wants to live a life that he has seen others enjoy and be like the people he has serviced. He explains his dream of the future in detail, as if it were being presented before his eyes.

What does Walter want to do in the future?

Walter is saying that the future could symbolize walking through to something new. He believes his dreams of a better future have come true when he expects Willy to be at the door with good news.

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What happens to Walter’s dream?

As the man of the house, Walter fights against the demons of poverty and racial/social injustice that plagued his father and now seem to have a tight grip upon him. As the play climaxes, it is Walter’s dream that explodes out of control and delivers a devastating blow to the Younger family.

Does Walter’s dream come true?

Hence with the realization of his Dream he wants to prove his manliness to his family but especially to Ruth and Mama. In conclusion, it can be said that Walter Lee does dream of a better life for his family and himself but that he does not really give a hundred percent to make his Dream come true.

What is Walter’s dream Why is he unhappy with his life?

How does Walter explain his discontent about his job and his future? his dream because he lacks the money to invest in his future.

What Bobo tells Walter?

What news does Bobo bring to Walter? Bobo tells Walter that their friend, Willy, has ran off with all the money that they invested into their liquor store.

How does Walter feel about himself?

Walter’s sour familial relationships stem from the fact that he is very unhappy with himself and his life. As a black man in his thirties, Walter feels like a failure because his job as a driver barely pays him enough money to take care of his family.

What does Walter say to Travis?

Travis answers that he wants to be a bus driver, but Walter says that Travis’ dream “ain’t big enough.” Walter tells Travis that “after tonight” he will be able to provide financially for the family. He says that he plans to make a “business transaction” that will change their lives.

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What is Walter’s point of view on education?

Walter’s view of education seems to fall somewhere between Beneatha’s and George’s views. … Walter believes that the insurance money Mama gives him can provide him with financial success and educational resources for his son, a priority he values more highly than his sister’s goal of becoming a doctor.

Is it fair for Walter to say that Mama bashed his dreams?

Is it fair for Walter to say that Mama “bashed his dreams” at the end of Scene 1? – This is fair because Walter has been trying earnestly to make a plan and talk about it, but no one ever listens.

What does Walter’s employer call to say?

Raisin 2

What does Walter’s employer call to say That Walter has not been to work in three days
What do the Youngers give Mama on the day they move? Gardening tools & a hat
What does Beneatha want to be A doctor
What does Karl Lindner want the Youngers to do? Give up moving to Clybourne Park

Does Walter’s dream come true in a raisin in the sun?

In a Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry proves the dreams of Walter, Beneatha, and Mama come true, but not exactly how they expected. All of their dreams revolve around the life insurance check from the late Mr. … When Walter came home from work one afternoon, he immediately asks Mama, “did it come?” (hansberry 70).

How is Walter Lee dream deferred?

In A Raisin in the Sun, Walter’s dream to own a liquor store is deferred. The money that his mother has given him to invest is stolen by one of friends, a potential partner in the business.

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Does Walter Need chance?

“No Mama, something is happening between Walter and me. I don’t know what it is — but he needs something — something I can’t give him anymore. He needs this chance, Lena.”