How many lives do the dream SMP members have left?

There are 71 lives left on the Dream SMP.

Did Tubbo lose all his lives?

Tubbo said that he had “done enough in life” and that it was “about time” he died, displaying no resistance to the concept. He was saved by the arrival of Punz and the rest of the SMP members who joined them, but without their interruption, it seems that Tubbo would have willingly died to protect Tommy and the discs.

How many Canon lives does Eret have left?

Eret has a farm of sheep with pink wool. They place blocks of wool, named “You Matter ♡,” in chests around the entire SMP. On her first day, Puffy decided to release them all from the fenced area, resulting in the killing of the escaped sheep. They have only non canonically died 29 times.

How many Canon lives does Tommyinnit have left?

After Tommyinnit’s death, he is now also considered dead, with zero canon lives remaining. All three times Tommyinnit died were by the hand of Dream, and vice versa, although Dream has one canon life left. Tommy was first killed during the War for L’Manbergian Independence twice by Dream.

Is Dream SMP dead?

During the cameo, he stated that he is canonically dead. Disc confrontation – Dream loses two lives.

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How many lives does Ranboo have?

After he was killed on November 28 2021 by Awesamdude, he became a ghost named Boo or “Ghostboo”, as dubbed by fans. The loss of Ranboo’s other two lives has not been explained; it is possible that Ranboo always had one life, like Philza, or that he lost his first two lives prior to joining the server.

How old is Drista?

Drista Age Revealed

Drista is 14 years of age. Tommyinnit played Minecraft with Dream’s sister on the Dream SMP for the first time on October 10 of 2020. Tommyinnit and Drista’s conversation revolved around being a minor and children.

Which DSMP member died IRL?

Hawkeye Is Here To Amaze – The Loop

Schlatt Killed by Technoblade in the Manberg Festival due to crossfire. CollapseHeart attack during The Manberg vs Pogtopia War.
Wilbur Soot Killed on August 2, 2020, in the Final Control Room in the L’Manberg Revolution by Punz. Killed by Philza on his own request.

How many Canon lives does Georgenotfound have left?

In the dream, Lore Man stated that he had one canon life left, and George killed Lore Man in both real life and in his dream.

How did Tommy join Dream SMP?

After making videos with popular YouTubers, like TimeDeo, and earning “YouTube Rank” on Hypixel, Tommy messaged Wilbur on Twitter. Wilbur responded that if Tommy could get more viewers while streaming, he would be added to the SMP.