Frequent question: What is Sophie’s Dream in BFG?

Sophie dreams that she has been taken by an even bigger giant that eats her while BFG stands in the distance, unable to do anything. When she wakes up, BFG explains that he gave her the dream. BFG drinks a fizzy green drink called frobscottle, which has bubbles going down instead of up.

What does Sophie do in the BFG?

Mission to England

Sophie learns the BFG loves to trap dreams and looks at some he has formerly caught. Afterwards, she helps the BFG catch dreams.

What did Sophie want the BFG to include in the Queen’s dream?

To convince the Queen that giants are real, Sophie and the BFG give the Queen a terrible dream showing the giants eating schoolchildren. In the dream, Sophie is sitting on the Queen’s window. Sophie wants the Queen to find her there when she wakes up too, so that the Queen will realize the dream is true.

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Why did Sophie make the BFG cry?

Chapter 7: ”The Marvellous Ears”

Sophie explains that her parents died when she was a baby and she lives in an orphanage. Hearing this, the BFG begins to cry. … He uses a net to catch good dreams (which he can hear buzzing with his huge ears), stores them in jars, and then sends the dreams to sleeping children.

What was one of the dream labels Sophie read?

He lets Sophie read the label. The dream he caught is about saving a teacher from drowning. Come on, even if you’re not a huge fan of your teacher, that’s got to be a good dream.

How would you describe Sophie’s character?

Sophie was a sophisticated and a fantasizing type of girl. She had big and beautiful dreams of having a boutique like Mary Quant. On the other hand-Jansie was more practical and a realistic type of girl quite aware about their lower middle class family background.

What happened to Sophie’s parents in the BFG?

Sophie is an orphan who befriended the BFG (Big Friendly Giant). She mentions her parents saying that they died when she was a baby.

What does Sophie realize about humans?

The BFG goes to Dream Country and uses his net to catch dreams. Then he puts them into a jar. What horrible thing does Sophie realize about humans? Sophie realizes that humans are the only creature that kills one another.

How long do giants sleep for BFG?

By Roald Dahl

Sophie and the BFG have a chat about sleep. The BFG says giants don’t need very much of it: they just catch a snooze for two to three hours per afternoon.

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When Sophie looks at the nice dream in the jar What size is it?

seeing this dream. Narrator 1: Sophie peered into the jar, and there, sure enough, she saw the faint translucent outline of something about Page 15 the size of a hen’s egg.

What could BFG hear?

They include: ladybug footsteps, ants chittering, music from the stars in the sky. The BFG can also hear flowers when they’re picked and trees when they’re cut down, and he tells Sophie that they sound like they’re being tortured during these events. Some things you wish you didn’t know. Back to happier sounds.

What gifts did the BFG receive?

The BFG had once said he’d ”love to have a jumbly big elefunt. ” The head of India sends him one as a gift. The Queen builds two houses in Windsor Great Park near her castle. One would be for the BFG: it has high doors and ceilings and a room to hold all the dreams in his collection.

Why did the BFG refuse to take the vegetables from the gardens near Sophie’s Village?

Why did the BFG not want to get vegetables from the fields by Sophie’s village? … The Bloodbottler would think the snozzcumber was gross and leave the BFG alone!

Why do Sophie and the BFG have to be quiet in Dream Country?

Why do Sophie and the BFG have to be quiet in dream country? … Sophie and the BFG want to get rid of the giants for good.

Who does the Fleshlumpeater want to eat?

” He eats people like ”sugarlumps, two or three at a time. ” We also find out that the Fleshlumpeater has one major weakness: He’s a coward (afraid of many different things), which is how Sophie and the BFG capture him.

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How does the BFG capture dreams?

The BFG and Sophie travel to Dream Country to catch some dreams, which the BFG can send to sleeping children. Soon, they catch two dreams and place them in jars; one is a happy dream, while the second is a trogglehumper, a terrible nightmare. They go back to Giant Country, where the other giants are sleeping.