Best answer: What is dream SMP lore?

The lore on the SMP is a variation of storytelling that is performed every so often during an event on the SMP. There have been wars, time traveling, memory loss, and lots of deep emotions that can come from the lore that contributes to the overall storyline of the SMP.

What does Dream SMP lore mean?

Dream SMP (SMP stands for “survival multiplayer,” a type of Minecraft server) was created by a YouTuber who goes by Dream. … Once Wilbur Soot, a 24-year-old YouTuber from Britain and one of the main Dream SMP writers, joined in, he set up L’Manberg and created a space for a specific batch of creators.

Are Tubbo and dream canonically brothers?

Tubbo and Eret(21) are biological brothers, Eret still lives with Tubbo and their mom because he doesn’t want Tubbo to be alone. Eret works at the school as a teachers assistant. The “Gang” or the Dream SMP guys: Dream (18), George (18), Punz (19), SapNap (17), Callahan (17), and Ponk (18), are all seniors.

Is Dream SMP dead?

During the cameo, he stated that he is canonically dead. Disc confrontation – Dream loses two lives.

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Who is foolish G Dream SMP?

Noah Brown (born: December 18, 1998 (1998-12-18) [age 23]), better known online as Foolish Gamers or FoolishG, is an American Minecraft speedrun YouTuber and a friend of the Dream Team whom Dream took notice of due to his speed running skills. He is also a member of the Dream SMP.

Why is Tubbo drawn with horns?

In fanart, he is more often depicted with his real-life dark hair, usually as a means of better differentiating him from Tommy, who has a similar blond and blue-eyed skin. … In fanart, he is sometimes depicted with short, stubby ram horns, originally in reference to a fan theory of him being Schlatt’s son.

What personality type is Tubbo?

INTP – Technoblade, JSchlatt, Tubbo. Don’t type with letters, it is more often than not inaccurate.

Does dream canonically have a kid?

Phil has stated multiple times that his only canonical child is Wilbur. He is not related to anyone else. I think that Phillza has Wilbur, Technoblade, Tommy, and Tubbo. (AKA Sleepy Bois Inc.)

Which DSMP member died IRL?

Hawkeye Is Here To Amaze – The Loop

Schlatt Killed by Technoblade in the Manberg Festival due to crossfire. CollapseHeart attack during The Manberg vs Pogtopia War.
Wilbur Soot Killed on August 2, 2020, in the Final Control Room in the L’Manberg Revolution by Punz. Killed by Philza on his own request.

How did Tommy join Dream SMP?

After making videos with popular YouTubers, like TimeDeo, and earning “YouTube Rank” on Hypixel, Tommy messaged Wilbur on Twitter. Wilbur responded that if Tommy could get more viewers while streaming, he would be added to the SMP.

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How many Canon lives does Technoblade have left?

Techno has three lives left.

How old is Drista?

Drista Age Revealed

Drista is 14 years of age. Tommyinnit played Minecraft with Dream’s sister on the Dream SMP for the first time on October 10 of 2020. Tommyinnit and Drista’s conversation revolved around being a minor and children.

What is Purpled real name?

Purpled Wiki/Biography

Full Name Purpled (Grayson)
Date of Birth 24 October 2003
Age 18 Years
Birth Place Virginia, United States
Profession YouTuber and Twitch Streamer