Question: What is the verb for prediction?

(transitive) To make a prediction: to forecast, foretell, or estimate a future event on the basis of knowledge and reasoning; to prophesy a future event on the basis of mystical knowledge or power. (transitive, of theories, laws, etc.) To imply.

Is prediction a noun or verb?

It comes from a Latin term that means “foretelling.” Prediction is the noun form of the verb predict, which is formed from the prefix pre-, meaning “before,” and the root dic-, meaning “to say.”

What is the adjective of prediction?

Word family (noun) prediction predictability ≠ unpredictability predictor (adjective) predictable ≠ unpredictable predictive (verb) predict (adverb) predictably ≠ unpredictably.

What is the adverb for predict?

Predictably means you can predict the outcome beforehand. The synonym is “reliably”. Predictively means “operating in a mode of being predictive”, “using predictions”.

Is Predicter a word?

pre·dic′tive·ly adv. pre·dic′tor n. These verbs mean to tell about something in advance of its occurrence by means of special knowledge or inference: predict an eclipse; couldn’t call the outcome of the game; forecasting the weather; foretold events that would happen; prognosticating a rebellion.

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Is predictable a noun or a verb?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpre‧dict‧a‧ble /prɪˈdɪktəbəl/ ●●○ AWL adjective if something or someone is predictable, you know what will happen or what they will do – sometimes used to show disapproval The snow had a predictable effect on traffic.

What is the suffix of predict?

Answer: Predict + ion = Prediction. Un + expected = Unexpected. Dis + connect= Disconnect.

Is observation a noun or verb?

noun. an act or instance of noticing or perceiving. an act or instance of regarding attentively or watching.

Is phenomenon a verb noun or adjective?

noun, plural phe·nom·e·na [fi-nom-uh-nuh] or, especially for 3, phe·nom·e·nons.

What does Project verb mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to devise in the mind : design. b : to plan, figure, or estimate for the future. 2 : to throw or cast forward : thrust. 3 : to put or set forth : present for consideration.

What are some antonyms for predict?

antonyms for predict

  • ignore.
  • calculate.
  • disbelieve.
  • measure.
  • misunderstand.

What is the adverb form of expression?


What are corresponding adverbs?

similarly, also, likewise, ditto, alike, as well, equally, so, in like manner, identically, equivalently, in the same way, comparably, too, in similar fashion, just the same, in the same fashion, uniformly, again, analogously, same, consonantly, closely, thus, to boot, in the same manner, the same, equally as, …

What’s another word for Predictor?

What is another word for predictor?

soothsayer seer
fortuneteller visionary
foreseer futurist
meteorologist spiritualist
sorcerer reader

What is the example of prediction?

The definition of a prediction is a forecast or a prophecy. An example of a prediction is a psychic telling a couple they will have a child soon, before they know the woman is pregnant. A statement of what will happen in the future.

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What is predictors in regression?

The outcome variable is also called the response or dependent variable, and the risk factors and confounders are called the predictors, or explanatory or independent variables. In regression analysis, the dependent variable is denoted “Y” and the independent variables are denoted by “X”.