Your question: What zodiac sign is Luna Lovegood?

One of the more precious energies of the zodiac, Saturn-ruled Aquarius is obviously Luna Lovegood’s sign.

Which Harry Potter character is a Taurus?

Known Tauruses

  • 28 April — Horace Slughorn.
  • 2 May — Victoire Weasley.
  • 15 May — Pomona Sprout.
  • 20 May — Jack and Tom Monk.

What is Hagrid zodiac sign?

Hagrid’s was born on December 6th which makes him a Sagittarius. He’s a warm and generous character. Just like a typical Sagittarius, he is honest and caring — it’s no wonder Harry, Ron, and Hermione took such a liking to him!

What was Voldemort’s zodiac sign?

Lord Voldemort was an unhealthy Capricorn zodiac sign.

What star signs are the Harry Potter characters?

Here are 12 characters from Harry Potter sorted by their zodiac signs.

  • Harry Potter: Leo. Born on July 31st, Harry is a Leo. …
  • Hermione Granger: Virgo. …
  • Ron Weasley: Pisces. …
  • Minerva McGonagall: Libra. …
  • Albus Dumbledore: Virgo. …
  • Rubeus Hagrid: Sagittarius. …
  • Sirius Black: Scorpio. …
  • Ginny Weasley: Leo.

Is Taurus a Slytherin?

What about a Taurus Slytherin? … Taurus is an Earth sign which helps mellow out the Water in Slytherin. But the Taurus sign comes with its own struggles between two sides. They are warriors for the causes they believe in and are very warm and loving to those they deem worthy.

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Is Harry Potter a Gemini?

Adaptable- Harry Potter

Gemini people are highly adaptable and this trait has been well portrayed by the lead character Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe. He is easy going and adjustable. His style of tackling his cousin brother Dudley Dursley or schoolmate Draco Malfoy portrays these qualities perfectly.

What Zodiac is Molly Weasley?

Molly (Scorpio) and Arthur (Aquarius) are both fixed signs.

What is Draco zodiac sign?

06/13​Gemini: Draco Malfoy.

What sign is Snape?

Professor Severus Snape: Capricorn

Severus is a perfect example of a Capricorn sun. In a Capricorn’s world, you reap what you sow–which means you will do your duty, no matter how hard it is. Though Snape rarely shares his feelings or desires, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them.

Who Cannot be named?

Lord Voldemort, formerly known as Tom Marvolo Riddle, the sworn enemy of Harry Potter, the incarnate of evil, the most powerful dark wizard of all times is also referred as ‘the one who shall not be named’.

Is Luna Lovegood a Pisces?

Luna Lovegood is the perfect poster-child for Aquarius. She is unconventional and whimsical, but she’s also someone who can lack focus or become fixed with her ideas.

Is Tom Riddle a Leo?

1 Doesn’t Fit: Tom Riddle

Riddle is a Capricorn. … Voldemort takes his obsession for power to extreme levels and although he is described as a model student while in Hogwarts, which possibly means he was charismatic enough to make people like him, with time he loses any trace of humanity.

What is my Gemini?

Zodiac sign chart

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Zodiac Sign English name Period of birth
Gemini The Twins May 21 – June 20
Cancer The Crab June 21 – July 22
Leo The Lion July 23 – August 23
Virgo The Maiden August 24 – September 22

Can an Aries be a Slytherin?

Both those born under the sign of Aries and those who have been sorted into the house of Slytherin have extremely high expectations for themselves and others. They are capable of great achievements, so the only way to earn their respect is by reaching the highest bar that is possible to reach.

Is Harry Potter a Leo?

Since Harry Potter was born on July 31, he is a Leo. Just like with most real people, Harry has both some characteristics of the sign as well as other personality traits that don’t match at all.