What does a cradle mean in astrology?

A configuration of aspects formed when four points of a horoscope are uniformly connected by three sextiles, with the first and last points in opposition.

Is a Yod good or bad?

A Yod can bestow gifts like a talent or a higher intelligence, bring about an unusual situation, or sharp turns in life that cause steep ups and downs. The overlapping factor in all these instances is that the person doesn’t have much control over what can occur and it can be negative or positive.

What does it mean to have a Yod in your chart?

A small number of people are born with a rare formation in their astrology charts called a Yod, also known as the “finger of God” or “finger of fate.” The Yod in astrology is often found in the charts of people whose lives are colored by intensity and constant adjustment.

Are Trines good or bad?

Trines, formed by a 120° angle on the chart, are generally considered the best and most auspicious aspect of them all, bringing luck, harmony, major synchronicity, and potential for positive changes.

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Are Grand Trines rare?

If it sounds fancy to you, that’s because it kind of is — a grand trine is a rare aspect that occurs when three planets are all equidistant from one another, creating an equilateral triangle. Grand trines are often seen as a time of harmony and good fortune.

What does it mean to have a Capricorn Stellium?

Having a stellium in your natal chart means your life will be heavily influenced by the traits commonly associated with that sign or house, particularly in the areas your stellium planets rule. … In other words, with so many planets hanging out in Capricorn, you’re bound to exhibit quite a few Goat-like traits.

What does a Taurus Stellium mean?

But what exactly is a stellium? It’s when three or more planets are in the same sign for a period of time. This particular cluster of planets is in Taurus (the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus will all be in the fixed earth sign for several weeks), which means that you’ll be extra focused on love and money.

Does everyone have a grand trine?

Not everyone has a grand trine. Only some people do, and some people even have multiple grand trines (likely within the same element). Trines with angles like the ascendant or midheaven can also be considered for a grand trine.

What does Quincunx mean in astrology?

A quincunx, also referred to as an inconjunct, occurs when two planets are 150 degrees apart—or, you can also look at this as being zodiac signs that are five signs apart. … “These two planets don’t have a relationship to each other, but they have to exist within the same person.

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What does it mean to have a Grand Cross in natal chart?

In astrology, a Grand Cross is said to occur when four planets are all separated from each other by Square aspects (90 degrees apart). … In a Grand Cross, there is one planet in each astrological element (fire, earth, air and water) but all the planets are in signs of the same modality or quality.

Can Trines be bad?

Trines tend to “avoid” things. All aspects in a Birth Chart have positive AND negative effects. Trines and Sextiles are “Easy” aspects – but they can lead to laziness and waste for that reason.

What does 26 degree mean in astrology?

Certain degrees are believed to hold greater meaning in a birth chart than others. These degrees are commonly referred to as Critical degrees. For the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), the critical degrees are 0, 13 and 26.

What is a Grand Water Trine?

A water grand trine represents a vivid inner life, strong feelings, intimacy, artistry, sentimentality, and a desire to reflect.

What does it mean to have 2 grand Trines?

In a grand trine, all three planets activate this harmony together, which is considered more powerful than a simple trine between. A grand trine is an astrological aspect between three planets where each planet is approximately 120 degrees to the other two.

Are Grand Trines lucky?

People born with a Grand Trine in their birth charts are often naturally lucky. Huge successes come easily to them—often to their own bewilderment, because it happens with little effort. They are charismatic and often become public figures and spokespeople, as they have an easy and natural magnetism about them.

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Are Trines common?

They are a golden mix of signs which have a lot in common with each other. … A great blessing for the lazy person, a grand trine means having all three signs of a trine in your chart.