How does astrology affect our lives?

Studies show that astrology can greatly influence and even validate a person’s self-concept, as well as increase their certainty about their personal attributes. In short, the ruminative nature of astrology encourages self-reflection, enabling individuals to understand themselves and their environment more clearly.

How does astrology influence a person’s life?

Horoscopes can make predictions in peoples’ lives as well as telling them specifically how they should act in certain situations like work, relationship, finance. It also tells people what they should do in given circumstances like their health, love and friendships.

What are the benefits of astrology?

Astrology supports the existence of free will and rejects superstition and fatalism. It also allows us a more objective understanding of our character, recognition of our talents and potentials, and an opportunity for emotional and spiritual maturation.

How planets affect our life?

These planets emit rays, just as the sun does. And just as the sun’s light and movement influences the life on earth by creating different seasons, so does the movement of the planets form and structure our mind, emotions and senses. They also organise the systems of our physical body.

Which planet is responsible for positive thoughts?

Moon: Moon represents the mind, acts as the mother of all, imparts love, peace of mind, positivity, and emotions. A strong Moon helps a person in all stages of life, but a weak Moon can bring troubles like flickering mind or even depression.

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How do planets affect our moods?

How do planets affect our moods? It is because planets are in the malefic state. Sudden mood swings, sometimes taking wrong decisions, failures, brain not working in the wrong direction. These are some of the results of planets when they are not in the favourable state in your birth chart.