David & Leeman

David and Leeman are Award Winning comedy magicians from Los Angeles.  They have been lauded as “Miraculous” by the L.A. WEEKLY, “Incredible” by the L.A. EXAMINER, and a “Laugh Riot” by the TOLUCAN TIMES.

On Season 9 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, the comedy duo finished their run as Top-12 Finalists. AGT judge and funny man, Howie Mandel, said David and Leeman are great magicians, but the fact that they are comedians is what makes them enteraining. During their audition for the AGT they used their own pseudo-science of “pressure phrenology” to make Howie Mandel lose his ability to read.

They have made appearances on the NBC Today Show with anchor Lester Holt and mostly recently they sat down with Queen Latifah to chat and perform a strange quantum experiment on The Queen Latifah Show as well as on CW Network’s Masters of Illusion produced by Associated Television.

Available shows:

  • Friday, August 18 – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday, August 19 – 3:00 PM
  • Saturday, August 19 – 7:00 PM


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“Sideshows, Oddities and Spirits” by Mark Strivings and Theatre of Dreams owners Carol Massie and Joe Givan

A show designed specifically for the City of Northglenn’s Magic Festival, “Sideshows, Oddities and Spirits Show” was designed with the 1920’s in mind.  Featuring bizarre and strange stunts, eclectic, mysterious artifacts and contraptions from a bygone era, and evidence that contact with the spirit world is possible, this show is not for the feint-of-heart.  Do Spirits exist?  Can flesh be healed instantly?  Can dead creatures be re-animated?  All and more will be answered during this one of a kind show!

This show was created by Joe and Carol Givan and Mark Strivings:

Joe and Carol Givan:  From their own show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, to television appearances around the world,  Joe Givan and Carol Massie have mystified audiences with their unique theatrical style of magic and illusion.  Three World-Championships and illusion creators for the likes of David Copperfield, David Blaine, and Alice Cooper are testimony of their talent to amaze anyone!

They have owned and operated Colorado’s “Theatre of Dreams” for over 14 years, featuring the top mystery entertainers from around the globe.

Mark Strivings is a Denver-based magician, hypnotist, mentalist, bizarrist, investigator of the unknown and all-around interesting guy. Mark has performed his unique and slightly twisted creations from Monday Night Magic on Broadway in NYC all the way to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. This evening he brings a range of performance pieces ranging from mildly deranged to downright twisted to borderline frightening. Nothing is normal. Everything is rather strange. Don’t worry, you’re safe. Pretty much.

Available show:

  • Friday, August 18 – 10:00 PM
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