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Matthew Brandt
Matthew BrandtSleight of Hand
Magician Matthew Brandt, a.k.a the nerd in a suit, is funny, charming and just a bit neurotic. Brandt served as president of the Mile High Magicians Society twice and currently co-stars in the Sleightly Impossible Magic Show, now in its eighth season. In addition to his 15-year career as a magician Matthew is also a prestigious, gold-level member of the Starbucks Rewards program, carries a coupon for one-free drink at Sipping N’ Painting in his wallet and has an irrational fear of goats. Although Brandt rarely discusses the incident, he once had to be removed from the diving platform at Casa Bonita. His tricks will definiately be a treat!
Jeremy Chisum
Jeremy ChisumBar/Strolling Magician
Jeremy started a career in the military as an aircraft mechanic; he then switched careers to mental health and working with veterans. During both career paths he held a passion for entertainment, which led to becoming a professional magician and mentalist.

Jeremy’s performance style is humorous, professional, and always respectful. Each performance is adapted to fit the specific event and combines card magic, visual magic, and mentalism. The audience is always engaged in the performance and left with the memory of a fun experience to share with family, friends, and professionals.

Shane Cohen
Shane CohenStand Up Tent
Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Shane began performing magic at 13 years old. He is known best for his comedy and personality. He performs frequently at the Denver Magic Show, and 2 years ago he produced his own InShane Magic Show, where over 200 family and friends were there to witness best trick yet – at the end of the show he brought his then girlfriend on stage, performed a floating rose illusion and finished the trick by getting down on one knee and proposing. He turned his girlfriend into his wife – best trick ever!
Dave Elstun
Dave ElstunStreet Magician
Magician Amazing Dave Elstun has entertained audiences in theaters, festivals, comedy clubs and special events for 3 decades. Featured as Mr. Money at The Lodge Casino Dave also entertained at The Riviera and Desert Diamond Casinos. Recently Dave “Crushed it” as the headliner in the comedy club at Sunray Casino.
You may have seen Dave’s hilarious strait jacket escape featured on the hit CBS TV series Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke. The Denver Post called Amazing Dave Elstun… “A Crowd Pleaser… (he) filled the lobby (of the theater) and had adults and children mesmerized!”
Joe Givan
Joe GivanCo Producer, Vegas Variety, Stand Up, Bar
Joe Givan prides himself on being a creator of original illusions and he’s got the accolades to prove it. Joe won the Close-up Magic World Championship at the Federation of International Magic Societies (FISM) convention in Holland. The FISM is known as the Olympics of Magic and Givan would go on to win first place three times there. Moreover, he is only the third person in history to receive the Gold Cups International Award of Excellence from the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

A worldwide lecturer on the art of creating and performing illusion, Joe has also written for many publications, and made numerous appearances on international television, including England’s “Best of Magic” and “The World’s Supermagicians” in Tokyo. He has designed custom illusions for major corporations, such as IBM, Xerox, Apple, AT&T and Pepsi. Moreover, performers David Copperfield, David Blaine and Guns & Roses have all sought creative advice from Joe to enhance their shows. Although Joe consults and teaches a select few private lessons, he and Carol unveil their tricks to would-be magicians ages seven to 70 when they host Wizard Camp at the Theatre of Dreams.

Joe and his partner, Carol Massie, opened the Theater of Dreams in Castle Rock, CO in April of 2003 to enormous accolades from the worldwide magic community for their contribution to the art of magic! They were featured in a four-page article in the June, 2015 issue of MAGIC Magazine, the largest publication for magicians in the world.

Jude Griffin
Jude GriffinTeen Magician
Jude Griffin is 13 years old and lives in Centennial, CO. He started learning magic at 8 after receiving a set of magic from his aunt. He has taken the Wizard Camp in Castle Rock to advance his magic and stage performance skills.

At school you can find him entertaining his teacher, the principal and the girls’ lunch table. When not practicing magic, you’ll find him drumming, playing guitar or skateboarding. He looks forward to wowing you with several new epic tricks.

Mitch Harwood
Mitch HarwoodStreet Performer
Dan Jaspersen
Dan JaspersenStand Up
Daniel Jaspersen has been on stage since he was 11 years old. Starting in theater, then pursuing juggling, and now fully invested into magic. Thanks to his uniquely blended background in magic, linguistics, psychology, juggling, traditional and experimental theatre, Dan transcends the traditional definition of “magician.” His genuine passion and appreciation for creating powerful magic resonates with a variety of audiences, earning him standing ovations everywhere from international festivals in Japan and Brazil, to Fortune 500 companies, to Major Universities and various TEDx events.
Jeff Jenson
Jeff JensonKid's Variety Show, Street Performer
Born and raised in Denver, Colorado Jeff Jenson didn’t fall in love with magic as a child. Instead he became entranced by the art as an adult, when he happened upon magic shop in Las Vegas.
After reading many books about magic and studying with other magicians, Jenson’s ventured out into the world and began growing his audiences from small family shows to Fortune 500 Companies. The moment Jeff takes the stage you’ll recognize that he is not your typical magician. His shows are filled with audience participation, clean comedy and pure sleight of hand. This magician that will leave you amazed and filled laughter!
James Lopez
James LopezSleight of Hand Tent
James Lopez is a local who excels in engaging audiences with funny quips, casual engagements, and astounding magic. Imagine a guest attending your party or engagement that helps to elevate the mood, keep your party moving forward, or simply gives your audiences an experience that only comes from quality magic performed live and right in front of you.

From private parlors shows performed in small intimate settings, to large parties that need a little extra something, James tries to bring the magic that engages the whole audiences, that centers around storytelling and engagement, and to make audiences feel like they are part of the party.

Carol Massie
Carol Massie Co-Producer, Kids Indoor Show, Vegas Variety Show, Stand Up
An Ohio native, Illusionist Carol Massie was also a finalist in the Miss Ohio Beauty Pageant. Although Massie used her talent as a pianist during the pageant, during college she began crafting her skills as an illusionist. After several successful performances at hotels and local resorts Massie set her sights on cruise ship entertaining. Carnival Cruise Lines hired the young illusionist, who’d just completed two degrees, to try her act on board for 3 months. What began as a short trial turned into a five-year voyage with Carnival Cruise Lines that culminated in a career as a cruise director for Massie. Carol went on to work with Resorts International, “Spellbound” at Caesar’s Palace and numerous other casino venues in Las Vegas. She also wrote a column for Genii Magazine called Cruise News.

While performing at Magic Island in Houston, Texas Carol met her partner, Joe Givan. Together they created Dream Masterz Theatrical Illusion Show and began touring the world. Massie and Givan wanted to share their skills with Coloradans, so they opened their own playhouse, called Theatre of Dreams, in Castle Rock. Since 2003 they’ve been bringing world class entertainers to their theater and performing for small audiences. Although they call Colorado home, Joe and Carol still travel with their act and perform at corporate and private events around the globe.

Alec Mueller
Alec MuellerTeen Magician
Fifteen-year-old, Alec Mueller, was diagnosed with type-one diabetes in 2016. But, what might have presented a debilitating blow for some people, Alec saw as an opportunity to share his passion for magic. “I have struggled through highs and lows of this auto immune disease,” Mueller said. “Getting through the hardships, and trying your best to win whatever fight you’re battling, makes each … of us who we are.” When times were tough for this young magician he’s even used a deck of cards to lighten the mood in his hospital room. “Nurses would come in and check on me and I couldn’t help but feel down,” Mueller said. “I brought out a deck of cards, and maybe ten minutes later, I was doing what I loved in front of a crowd at three in the morning.” His philosophy is “as long as you believe, who knows what’s possible?”
Come see the magical impact of Alec’s positive thinking in action at Magic Fest.
Will Mannsz
Will MannszClose Up Magic, Mind Reading, Bar Magic
Will Mannsz aka MagicMannsz has been entertaining audiences around the globe for more than 15 years. His approach to close-up magic is intimate and breathtaking and always leaves the audience awestruck! MagicMannsz offers a show that involves the audience in an experience of magic and entertainment that is simply unbelievable.

He has been described as having “an incredible gift that extends from the passion he has for every living human to realize that true magic is within us all”.

Will offers a fast paced, audience participation experience, that will draw everyone into an evening of entertainment that you will not soon forget!

Scott McCray
Scott McCraySleight of Hand, Kids Indoor Show, Stand Up
Scott has been a magician since he was a young child, but for the past 12 years Scott has been the premier performer at the famous Lane Guest Ranch, just outside of Estes Park, Colorado. He played the wandering wizard at the annual Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival in Estes Park, Colorado for 3 years, performing close-up magic to the delight of children and adults. He has performed on numerous occasions at the annual Taste of Colorado, providing both roving entertainment as well as performing on the Family Show Stage sponsored by Mix 100. Scott has also been entertaining at the Tumbleweed Festival in Garden City, Kansas for more than a decade. Most recently he served as entertainer and emcee at the Thornton Harvest Festival.
Rich Nakata
Rich NakataStreet Magician
Rich Nakata is a full-time magician who’s been studying magic for over 50 years and entertaining audiences professionally for over 15 years. He inherited his interest in the art from his father, a comedic magician, called “The Great Ah-Phooey.”

Nakata worked as a bomb technician, changing one element into another, for 12 years. So, he often tells people his magical resume should include the title of Alchemist. Nakata also worked for the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office in many aspects of law enforcement for nearly 24 years and achieved the rank of lieutenant. In October 2003 he left the Sheriff’s Office to pursue his dream of becoming a professional magician.

Nakata is what’s known as a buskar, or street magician. He amazes audiences with classic rope magic, card magic and a sleight of hand his fans call “The Orange Trick.” Come and be amazed, mystified and entertained by Rich Nakata.

Brandon Parker
Brandon ParkerSleight of Hand, Street Performer
Brandon specializes in close-up magic, mostly with cards and coins. He focuses on engaging his audience and uses humor and wit to create memorable experiences. His performances are full of laughs and mind blowing magic.
AJ Perea
AJ PereaKids Stage
After watching a magician teaching magic online AJ Perea was inspired to begin practicing magic. He joined the Society of Young Magicians when he was just seven years old.

While attending a performance at Theatre of Dreams in Castle Rock, CO AJ met Joe Givan and Carol Massie. He’d finally found two great teachers to nurture his education in magic. AJ attended their Wizard Camp and took private lessons from Carol and Joe. Their instruction and act development helped AJ secure a spot at the Oceanside Magic International Convention in Cape Cod, MA and the Society of American Magicians’ annual convention in Philadelphia, PA.

Today AJ enjoys performing for charities including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. Jude, the American Heart Association, the Pueblo Suicide Prevention Center, and the Boys and Girls Club. He is currently a member of Mile High Magicians, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and the Society of American Magicians. He loves to mistify and inspire audiences by making the impossible, possible.

Tim Pendergast
Tim PendergastStand Up, Bar Magician
“Tim Foolery” has performed for over twenty years in Colorado and Wyoming, specializing in family festivals. He also hosted weekly bar magic at the Fort Collins Marriott Hotel. The Tim Foolery experience combines magic, comedy and audience participation to create an event that will be truly memorable.
Shawn Preston
Shawn PrestonCo-Producer, Vegas Variety, Stand Up Tent, Bar/Strolling
Shawn Preston has been performing magic since the age of 5. Inspired by the mastery of David Copperfield and Doug Henning, Shawn has perfected his magic. Shawn Preston is an award winning Magician, Mentalist, Sleight of Hand Ninja, Trade Show Guru and Corporate Entertainer. With more than 25 years’ experience, Shawn provides high-impact, astonishment and audience engagement.
William Rader
William RaderSleight of Hand
William Rader has been mesmerizing audiences throughout the country for the past decade. He entertains at trade shows, universities, and corporate events. William’s elegant sleight-of-hand will amaze even the hardest to impress. The magic with rope, rings, and cards will happen in your hands! He has spent years refining his repertoire to bring astonishment and wonder to the Magic Festival.
Erica Sodos
Erica SodosMendalism/Mind Reading
For more than 25 years Erica Sodos has been entertaining and motivating audiences all over the world. Erica is a magician, speaker, psychic entertainer, actress, theater educator, and one of the few female mentalists in the world. A performer extraordinaire Erica has made over 5,000 appearances nationwide. Erica can be seen almost every month at a downtown Denver nightclub where she has been performing her own solo show The Magic Within for over 5 years. Erica is passionate about the place where real magic and performance magic meet, and her shows are all about inspiring her audiences to access and perform their own magic.
Mark Strivings
Mark StrivingsMentalism/Mind Reading, Street Performer
Mark Strivings is a Denver-based magician who specializes in performing for kids of all ages. Mark is known nationally (indeed internationally) as a creator and performer of some of the finest magical creations in the last 20 years, having written over twenty books for the magic trade that reside in the private libraries of magicians all over the world. His children’s/family shows are best described as a laugh-riot with many kids thinking he is the funniest person they have ever seen. Indeed, Mark has actually been called a ‘comedian for children’ (now THERE’S a distinction for you!) Bring the whole family and get ready to laugh and be amazed. Perhaps the most amazing thing being that a grown man can actually do this for a living. Mom is so proud.
Gregg Tobo
Gregg Tobo Stand Up Tent
“In answer to the question, “How did you get into magic?” David Blaine may have said it best when he replied, ‘You don’t get into magic; magic gets into you,’” Greg Tobo said in an interview.

For Greg Tobo magic got “into him” at seven years old when his uncle, an amature magician, would do tricks for him and all the young nieces and nephews in his family. He became fascinated with the art of prestidigitation. In grade school Tobo met another budding magician and the two young artists began inventing their own tricks using popsicle sticks, paperclips, construction paper and coffee cans. Tobo grew up and joined the corporate world, but magic never let him go. So when a chance arose for him to make a career change, he seized the opportunity, and began learning the art of the entrepreneur. Today Greg is a proud artist who believes, “being able to start with nothing, and then create something of value, is the most powerful kind of magic.”

Christian Todd
Christian ToddTeen Magician
Christian Todd became fascinated with magic while watching a magician named Mat Franco four years ago on “America’s Got Talent.”Franco inspired this young magician to spend countless hours learning and practicing magic. Now Christian Todd loves to perform whenever and wherever he can. Todd was even the opening act at his high school talent show last year. Christian is very excited to perform at the magic festival and can’t wait to amaze you!
John Walker
John WalkerStreet performer, Mentalism Stage
John is from Melbourne, Australia. He started performing magic when he was 12. At 16 he attended magic school and was then the youngest full member of the Magic Circle of Victoria ever admitted. He helped start the Bendigo Magic Club and toured with the Bendigo Old Tivoli Performers in the Outback. His Australian approach to magic is a little different than what you are used to and brings an international flavour to magic fest.
Steve and Carissa WaltersKids Magic Activity Tent
Join Steve and Carissa Walters in the Kids Magic Activity Tent where youngsters can make and take their own bag of tricks! Steve is a former Cub Scout Leader who’s been practicing magic for over 30 years! He even developed Magic Ceremonies for Cub Scout advancement. In fact, he became so popular in this role that he’s been hired by packs and troops all over Colorado and California. That’s not all! His mastery of the mystical arts earned him an opportunity to teach and perform magic on a Disney Magic Cruise Ship! Kids get ready to be amazed and inspired to make some magic of your very own!

Photo coming soon.

Brent Warren
Brent WarrenKids Tent, Bar/Strolling Magic
In 1954, Omaha, Nebraska I received a Gilberts’ magic set for Christmas. There was no turning back. Practice became a daily routine. Learning card slights, misdirection moves, tricks, and the art of performing. Now after forty some years, I take joy in the fact that the world of magic has allowed me to meet wonderful, amazing people,
both in the performing world and the public at large….. And travel: a bag full of magic memories from China, Mongolia, Scotland, Japan, New Zealand,
​and a few other exotic locations, as well as the many states of the good ol’ US of A.
Chad Wonder
Chad Wonder Headliner Kids Indoor Show, Street Performer, & Kids Tent
Chad Wonder is a Denver based award-winning magician. He’s been recognized as Nickelodeons Family Entertainer of the Year, named the Top Family Entertainer in Denver by CBS, won numerous magic contests and appeared across the country at various events. His largest audience was in 2016 when he performed in front of 72,000 fans at a Denver Broncos game.

Chad Wonder has been involved in children’s entertainment since the age of 10 when he was cast as a founding player in the Colorado Children’s Theater Ensemble. During high school, he started a successful kids/children’s theater group performing at over 250-daycare centers a year. Chad performed his first professional magic show at age sixteen.

In 2003 Chad moved from a career in magic performance to the owner of a Magic Shop. The business was thriving until the US economy collapsed and the mall became a virtual ghost town and the business was shuttered. In 2008 Chad became the headline entertainment at the historic Heritage Square Amusement park in Golden Colorado. Although the park is now closed, elements of that show are still featured in his private and public events.

Wendy Wylde
Wendy WyldeMentalism/Mind Reading
Wendy Wylde may appear to be a solo act, but don’t be fooled: she is surrounded by many invisible helpers. Some might call them ghosts or spirits; Wendy prefers to call them guides. While her guides have always been with her, she first became interested in magic at age ten, when she received a magic set as a gift. As she shared some of the magic effects with her friends, she quickly noticed that her guides wanted to help! Since then, Wendy and her guides, have worked wonders everywhere, from psychic hotlines to dollhouse conventions all around the country. She is excited to debut her new show right here in her home state of Colorado at The Northglenn Magic Fest!
Don Zellner
Don ZellnerBar Magician
Don Z- is a Las Vegas born magician and mentalist; a seasoned professional and expert of intimate close-up performing. Don Z will surprise and amaze you with his style of entertainment, performing miracles using only ordinary everyday items. He strives to create fun and outstanding experiences of magic that you will never forget. Don’s experience includes: fundraisers, corporate events, country clubs, weddings, pre-show entertainment, comedy clubs, restaurants/bars, night clubs, casinos, outdoor festivals, wine tastings, trade shows, and birthday parties. He can customize his magic for your audience and provide hassle free event planning. Past clients have described him as personable, professional, and spellbinding. Don believes that the best way to experience magic is in person and advocates live performing in attempt to preserve the art of magic. Seeing is Believing!